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As of July 21, 2003, Oconto County has made available on the World Wide Web information relating to parcels within Oconto County.


The link for tax information is


This application is named SOLO, Search Oconto County Land Information Online.  SOLO allows for free public access through the PUBLIC portal, enabling the user to search for and view tax history, real estate information, view a map showing zoning, aerial photography and also print this data.  Searches are done by address, tax parcel number, section-township-range, or go directly to the map and window a particular area.  This public portion of SOLO does not allow for the use of any names or the retrieval of any names.


In addition, there is a SUBSCRIPTION portal that allows the users for a fee, with a username and password to login and search with the same functionality as the PUBLIC portal but in addition the use of names in the search and retrieval.


In addition, the SUBSCRIBER portal has functions for viewing, wetlands, and soils and also has more functionality in providing queries, buffers and mail merge.


For more information, please contact the Land & Water Resource Department through the SOLO website.


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LandShark can be used to search recorded documents from the Oconto County Register of Deeds office. The index is free, and is complete back to January 1, 1980.  Images may be purchased with a credit card, however, documents recorded prior to January 1, 1980 are only retrieveable by document number or volume and page.  Please be advised that it may take a few minutes for the image to display, as it must first go through a social security detection process.

The convenience fee for using a credit card is $5.00 per session when purchasing copies. 




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